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Catered To Your Needs

IPS/Stanwood Corporation can produce heat treating baskets of any size or style that exists in the industry today. These designs have evolved from IPS/Stanwood Corporation’s more than seventy years of experience in supplying hundreds of satisfied heat treating customers throughout the industry. Our expertise in all types of welding allows us to offer baskets constructed using, mig (GMAW), resistance (ERW), tig (GTAW) or combinations of any of these methods.

IPS/Stanwood Corporation can fabricate a basket to fit your most unusual requirement. Please contact one of our experienced sales professionals to review your specific application for individual design recommendations. Special sizes, configurations or alloys can be easily produced upon request.

Furnace Fans

High Temperature Resistance

IPS/Stanwood’s cast blades are designed both to provide the best performance, service, and quality casting. We examine each and every fan casting including a static balancing process. In addition, each fan is examined between the critical hub and the blade area. The shafts are precision machined utilizing a nickel chrome alloy and welded utilizing a special technique to ensure a sound weld. The finished assembly is then dynamically balanced using our state-of-the-art system utilizing advanced electronics and programming to simulate a furnace situation.

In many cases old fans can be reconditioned and balanced inexpensively. At times it may be necessary to replace the shaft or blade, but this replacement generally results in an expenditure less than that of a new fan. IPS/Stanwood Corporation maintains an inventory of the more common cast fan blades and round bar stock to reduce lead times.

Castings and Fabrications

Offering A Complete Solution

We offer a complete solution to your high alloy fabrication and fixture needs. With over 50 years of experience serving the Heat Treat Industry, we supply cast and wrought products with the latest engineering, manufacturing and quality techniques. Using knowledge from our extensive application and engineering files, along with the skills of our experienced shop employees, we deliver a dependable, high quality fabrication at a competitive price.

If you are sourcing a Salt Pot, Muffle, Centerpost Fixture, Corrugated Box, Serpentine Tray, Pressure Welded Grid or any other unique specialized fabrication, give IPS / Stanwood Corporation an opportunity to meet your requirement.

IPS/Stanwood Corporation offers a wide variety of cast alloy products to fit your thermal processing application. Our castings are designed both to provide the performance and service expected and to utilize the best foundry practices consistent with the highest quality castings. We own an extensive inventory of patterns, or we can build a new pattern to fit your unique application. Whether you are looking for spider grids, reversible trays, centrifugally cast tubes, furnace replacement components, or that custom fixture, please give us a call today


A Wide Range Of Styles And Sizes

IPS/Stanwood Corporation’s experience in diversified construction of muffles allows us to offer a wide range of styles and sizes. Whether used for basic metals production, sintering, austempering, brazing or any other thermal processing requirement, IPS/Stanwood Corporation will provide muffles designed to give you maximum service life for you application.

Muffles designed by IPS/Stanwood Corporation utilizes a fully corrugated sheet of uniform material for each section. This is formed and assembled with a side weld. The exclusion of the corner weld usually associated with the design of this product eliminates the high-stress concentration which generally results with corner welding.

Radiant Tubes

Various Configurations

Utilizing all cast, all wrought or a combination of both types of materials, IPS/Stanwood Corporation radiant tubes can be produced in all configurations. As with all IPS/Stanwood Corporation tubes, it has been triple checked for soundness of welds and is absolutely gas tight. For heat treating, steel making, high temperature coatings, or any other application, IPS/Stanwood Corporation is the source for high quality radiant tubes.

We offer straight tubes and return bend tubes in various configurations including “U” tubes, “S” tubes, “P” tubes and “W” bends.


Strong And Durable

IPS/Stanwood Corporation Retorts are of corrugated wall construction. They are lighter in weight, but actually stronger and more durable than retorts of ordinary straight-wall construction. The side walls are constructed of heat resistant corrugated rolled metal. The top seal is a one piece cast alloy of special reinforced design. IPS / Stanwood Corporation retorts will hold their shape through thousands of hours of service life. Our corrugated wall construction absorbs expansion and contraction stresses.

IPS/Stanwood Corporation Retorts can be manufactured in many styles, large or small, using superior fabricating, machining and welding techniques to meet the most critical of high temperature processing requirements. The critical nature of these parts requires a retort that is strong and completely gas tight, a requirement that is met with ease.

Wire Mesh

Liners, Screens and Baskets

If you are looking for woven wire products for heat treating, plating, basic metals production, aerospace applications, corrosion resistance, or wear resistance, IPS/Stanwood can produce the product you need. Whether it is Liners for your baskets, screens to divide your parts or custom woven cloth for fixturing those hard-to-hold special parts, we can help.

Our wire mesh products are woven using only the highest quality wire. Each batch of wire used is tested by IPS/Stanwood and certified by our suppliers to confirm that the material content and metallurgical characteristics will result in the highest quality mesh products available.

Need mesh products combined with another type of fabrication? IPS/Stanwood Corporation has years of experience in custom designed and fabricated fixtures making IPS/Stanwood Corporation the perfect source for all your requirements!

high temp furnace fans, muffles, retorts

Whether you are involved in basic metals production, heat treating, high temperature coating, or any business that requires fabrications built to meet the demands of high temperatures and/or corrosive environments, IPS/Stanwood Corporation has the solution.